Adult Group:
Sharing and Caring
Meet: Saturday Mornings at 7:00am West Gym Entrance

The HCC “Sharing and Caring” Life Group is focused on sharing things that happen in our lives that make us feel something positive (like peace, contentment, satisfaction, blessing and joy) or something negative (like anger, resentment, bitterness, anxiety and depression), and then caring for each other regarding what we have shared through prayer, relevant scripture, or any other thoughts we have in response to what was shared.

This co-ed group meets outdoors at HCC at the fully shaded picnic table in the NW corner by the gym beginning around 7:00 AM on Saturday mornings while the Open Heart Food Pantry is cuing.  This group typically disperses at a variable end time when the Food Pantry cue starts moving (anywhere between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM); but, sometimes group participants leave earlier or later than that.  Particularly with Food Pantry beneficiaries attending the group, there is a wide range of participants running the full spectrum of non-believers to strong believers.  Thus, this group is an opportunity to minister and witness to others as well as an opportunity to be ministered to.

Coffee and iced bottles of water are served; and, bathrooms are available.