Let’s Hit The Streets!

This past Sunday, Pastor David Rosa of Cruciform Church preached a tremendous message on prayer from Hebrews 4:15, 16 titled, “What If Everyone Prayed?” If you weren’t able to attend, you can listen to the message here:  http://www.ourhcc/sermons
This Saturday we would like to put his message into action as we host our first HCC Prayer Walk.  Now, I am sure that Prayer Walking is new to many of you, so let me answer a few questions you may have.
  • What is a Prayer walk?prayerwalk
Prayer walking is simply taking prayer to the streets.  As you walk through the neighborhoods surrounding HCC, you pray for each home that you pass.   The purpose is not to evangelize or engage in conversation, but to pray.   The goal is not to draw attention to yourself or what you are doing, but to inconspicuously pray.
  • Why Prayer Walk?
You might ask, “wouldn’t it be easier to stay inside the church building and pray for our community?” Although it may be easier, it is not as effective. Prayer walking gives you insight into our community. Prayer walking allows you to pray with more clarity and purpose.   You pray in the very places where you expect God to bring forth His answers.
  • What do you pray for?
We will ask you to pray for God’s blessings upon each household. You should pray for them to be receptive to the Gospel, to have a personal relationship with Jesus or anything else that the Holy Spirit lays on your heart. Be assured that we will give you a prayer guide with certain suggestions as to what you should pray.
  • What if I am unable to walk the streets?
For those unable to walk longer distances, we will place prayer teams into the classrooms of Hollywood Christian School. HCS is a ministry of Hollywood Community Church. It exists to bring students into a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. Many of our students and their families, though, do not know Jesus. We must pray for their salvation and spiritual growth!
Additionally, there will be a group that will stay and pray for each of our missionaries.   We will have specific and up to date requests from many of our missionaries.
  • Can I Prayer Walk in my neighborhood?
Absolutely! Our goal is to get our families regularly prayer walking through their own neighborhoods. This Saturday, though, we want to join together and pray for those neighborhoods closest to the Church.   So, we ask you to join us at HCC and let’s pray together.
  • Where? When? How long?
We will meet this Saturday morning at 10:00 am in the Church Auditorium. We will meet together for a few brief minutes in order to pair up into teams of 2-3, give final instructions and pray together. We plan to be done around 11:30 am.
  • How can I prepare for this Prayer Walk?
The best way to prepare is to pray.   Yes, we want to pray for our Prayer Walk.   Pray that your heart will be right with God (Psalm 66:18). Pray for courage to walk the neighborhoods and pray (II Timothy 1:7). Pray for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as He guides you in praying for the homes along your walk (Romans 8:26).
Finally, let me encourage you to come with a sense of expectation. Remember that Jesus has already granted us access to God’s throne of grace. We can pray with confidence believing that He hears and answers our prayers. See you on Saturday!





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